Imagine someone invites you to church. Perhaps you’ve even been before. What comes to mind? You might find yourself thinking that going to church isn’t for you, and that’s okay. We’re not really about going to church either.

Now imagine a group of people who are just as committed to your success as they are their own. While that may sound like wishful thinking, it’s actually a picture of what the church is supposed to be.

We define church as a group of people who are just as committed to each other as they are to Jesus. While many tend to think the church has nothing to offer them, that could not be further from the truth.

Our Vision

By 2028, we will see God heal the broken, who become Christ-like leaders, who will create 50 communities of healing.

Our Core Values

Leadership Development

We develop leaders for the home, the church and the world.

Radical Obedience

We submit to God and scripture in how we think and live.

Vulnerable Friendships

We pursue and share our lives with one another.

Sacrificial Service

We generously serve those God places in our path.

Our Mission

Caring for broken people so they learn to care for others through Jesus Christ.

Our Measures

We know we are discipling people well if they look more like the following measures. Therefore, mature Jesus followers at Oasis:

Listen & Obey

We seek and submit to God's leadership through Bible and our spiritual community.

Become more like Jesus

We reflect Jesus more and more in our character.

Hold up a mirror

We process our junk and help others process theirs.

Live with open hands

We give and live generously because God generously serves us.

Produce mature disciples

We join God in his mission to transform atheists into missionaries.


Our Beliefs

Our Commitment

In our spiritual community, we take commitment very seriously. Life is hard, but it's easier when those around you are just as committed to your success as you are. Jesus didn't do life alone, so why would we? Our commitment to each other fuels our mission, lays the foundation of our home churches and empowers the way we impact the community and world around us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions?

We understand it can be overwhelming when looking for a church home. If you have any questions you have, we're just a click away.