Message: “1 Samuel 16:14-23” from Dustin DeJong

Dustin DeJong - November 3, 2019

1 Samuel 16:14-23

Samuel: Prophet, Priest & Judge

God's purposes never fail. There's much God allows in this world that he doesn't endorse. His eternal purposes, however, never fail. God sent Saul a harmful spirit--something like depression--to orchestrate a chain of events that led to the future (and already appointed) king to become Saul's attendant. Like Saul, we cannot thwart God's eternal purposes. We'll either embrace God's mission in obedience, or God will work around us. When he does, we won't experience the best God has for us. In fact, our experience may be unpleasant and undesirable. So, what's God inviting you into right now? What's going on around you that you don't like, but could be a gift from God? Where's God working in your life that you see as an unpleasant intrusion? What would it look like to embrace it? How can you join God in what he's doing?

From Series: "Samuel: Prophet, Priest & Judge"

A 12-week sermon series through the first 12 chapters of 1 Samuel. The first of a line of mini-series through the books of 1 & 2 Samuel.

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