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Dustin DeJong - October 20, 2019

1 Samuel 15

Samuel: Prophet, Priest & Judge

God's heart breaks when we reject his love and leadership. God grieved his choice of Saul as king of Israel because Saul was half-hearted. He led the army into battle, but refused to dedicate every living thing to God. He didn't finish the job. Saul then made excuses: I didn't kill everything because I intended to sacrifice the best to God. I obeyed God, but the soldiers refused to destroy the animals. It's somebody else's fault. I had noble motives for my disobedience. These are the kinds of excuses we make when God's leadership seems undesirable or unnecessary. But God rejects those who reject him. Either we love God with all our hearts or we're merely paying lip service (sacrifice vs obedience). We'll either mourn the consequences of our sin or we'll mourn our sin. Let's choose to grieve our tendency to go our own way so we don't have to grieve the loss of God's power in our lives. When do we make excuses for not doing everything Jesus tells us? What's God inviting us into right now that we're attempting half-heartedly? What would it look like to love God with our whole heart, mind, and soul?

From Series: "Samuel: Prophet, Priest & Judge"

A 12-week sermon series through the first 12 chapters of 1 Samuel. The first of a line of mini-series through the books of 1 & 2 Samuel.

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