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Dustin DeJong - October 13, 2019

1 Samuel 14

Samuel: Prophet, Priest & Judge

God inspires us to boldly trust him. God incited Jonathan and his armor bearer to trust Him with their lives by tackling the Philistine outpost without help. Through Jonathan and his armor bearer, God incited panic in the Philistines and courage in the Hebrews. God rescued Israel through Jonathan, his armor bearer, and the Israelite army. He also uses us to accomplish his mission when we trust him enough to risk everything for God's glory. As a minor point, Saul failed to appreciate Jonathan's courage and threatened to kill his son to keep his unholy oath rather than pursuing a priestly sacrifice to atone for Jonathan's sin (and his). Saul made rash vows and protected himself rather than recognize the inspiring courage of his son, who made victory possible through faith.

From Series: "Samuel: Prophet, Priest & Judge"

A 12-week sermon series through the first 12 chapters of 1 Samuel. The first of a line of mini-series through the books of 1 & 2 Samuel.

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